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Company Overview

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Think Smart Media Limited was incorporated in January 2014.

Think Smart Media is a London based multimedia service provider with special skills in brand building, events, online content, video production, PR Solutions and advertising – creating social media and offline brand building solutions for businesses principally in the tech space.

Our target clients are (but not limited to) corporations, technology start-ups and small businesses.

We started our business by providing social media solutions and creating high profile events for some blue chip companies like Yelp and Citysocializer. Having made contacts with our previous clients we are pitching for contracts to take on their advertising as well. We aim to maintain good relationships and a high standard of work with our clients, and are positioning ourselves to take on more and more work from existing clients while word of mouth and a good body of work will help us win new ones.